Full Form Of KISS 

K             Kill 
I                In 
S       Smooth 
S              Sex

What He/She Mean By Kissing You!

  • Kiss on the hand                    I adore you 
  • Kiss on the cheek                  I just want to be friends 
  • Kiss on the neck                    I want you 
  • Kiss on the lips                      I love you 
  • Kiss on the ears                     I am just playing 
  • Kiss anywhere else                Lets not get carried away 
  • Look in your eyes                  Kiss me 
  • Playing with your hair             I can't live without you 
  • Hand on your waist                I love you to much to let you go


Do You Know The Types Of Kisses?


1- French Kiss!
An open-mouth kiss usually involving tongue-to-tongue contact. Also         known as a Soul kiss.
2- ButterFly Kiss!
To touch the tips of each other's noses, then rub back and forth.
3- Eskimo Kiss!
To brush one's eyelashes against a partner while rapidly blinking. It produces a light, ticklish sensation, as of a butterfly brushing one's cheek. 
4- Soul Kiss!
An open-mouth kiss usually involving tongue-to-tongue contact.
5- Thrown Kiss!
A long distance kiss that is usually used as a farewell. One 'kisses' their hand, then 'throws' the kiss to their distant partner, who usually completes the action by 'catching' the kiss and putting it on their mouth, cheek, or in their pocket.
6- Blown Kiss!
Similar to the thrown kiss, but used at close range. One kisses their hand, then 'blows' the kiss toward their partner
7- Last Kiss!
Well, the last kiss you get before she leaves you for someone else! (or before you die.) 
8- Make Up Kiss!
After having upset your partner, this is the kiss that usually follows the apology. Often among the most passionate of kisses.
9- Sympathy Kiss!
When one of the participants really doesn't want to kiss, but does anyway. Also known as a "pity kiss."
10- Upside Down Kiss!
A kiss performed so that one partner's lips are upside-down to the the other partner, so that their mouths are top lip to bottom lip. This can be a very unusual and enjoyable kiss.
11- Kissing Cousin!
A distant relative known well enough to be kissed when greeted.
12- Kissing Disease!
Informal Mononucleosis